Progress of my (still unnamed) aviation weather app

My newest app, an aviation weather app for pilots, is starting to take shape. It doesn’t have a name yet and took me almost 6 months to get to this stage, but I’m hoping to finish it soon.

There are plenty of weather apps in the app store, so a big question that pops up is: why get into such a crowded niche?

  1. Strong demand: Weather is one of the most popular app categories for pilots.
  2. Personal angle: I’m an airline pilot, so I’m building an app that I’d want to use every day. If the app works for me as a user it might be just as helpful to other people in similar situations.
  3. Fill a void: Some of the available apps are really great, and their developers did a tremendous job creating them. That said, there is always room for improved or new features offered by a new product in the market. (It’s the eternal question “There are so many cookbooks, why write another one?”).
  4. For fun!

Here’s a screenshot of the progress with the new app.

Please let me know what you think!

How would you differentiate your app in a crowded niche?

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