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Utility Apps

ConverterBox app icon
ConverterBox – The Definitive Unit Converter.

ConverterBox is a user-friendly universal unit converter with a twist: unlike other unit converters, it provides definitions for every conversion unit.

With more than 300 units and definitions, this is the perfect tool for students, teachers and professionals!

Categories include: Length, weight, currency, angle, temperature, volume, area, speed, time, computer data, radix (numeral base conversion) and many more will be added very soon!

Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Aviation Apps

Nav Trainer icon
Nav Trainer – a must have tool for CFIIs, student and instrument pilots! It simulates the use of navigational aids (navaids) for aviation, including: VOR, RMI, HSI, ADF, ILS and DME. It’s a great flight training tool for students, instrument pilots and flight instructors. Nav Trainer saves you frustration, time and money on your instrument and basic flight training by providing a productive learning environment.

Hold Trainer icon
Holding Trainer mobile
– Save time and money on your instrument flight training by mastering IFR holding pattern entries at the comfort of your own mobile device.